Palm Beach Council Officers/Board

Slate of Officers and Directors 2018

Thanks to Nominating Committee – Lou Palumbo, Chairman. Assisted by Jack Veasy, Dan Pedrick, Mike Hurley and Jerry Nelinson.

President Steve Wiggins
Executive VP Peter Petrelis
Secretary Cindy Saulog
Judge Advocate Richard Wennet
Communications Jerry Nelinson
Programs Sue Comerford
Membership/Retention Joan Ross
Asst for New Members Patrica Reybold
VP Youth Dennis Zannucci
Treasurer Anita Manuel
Maritime Affairs Ken Lee
USCG Liason Deirdre Krause
NOSC Liason Dan Pedrick
USMC Liason Jim Wells
AUTEC Liason Lou Palumbo
USS FLORIDA Liason John Brandes
Development Peter Petrelis
Legislative Affairs Bill Waylett
Awards Ken Lee
Navy Ball Chair Anita Manuel
Daly Scholarship Deirdre Krause
Website Master Heather Alkire



Serving through Dec 2018

John Lively
Diana Paxton
Dennis Zannucci
Chuck Stark
Peter Petrelis
Immediate Past President:
Sonia Foster


Serving through Dec 2019

Dan Pedrick
Merry O’Donnell
Catherine Brister
Phil Dunmire
Sumner Hushing
MaryBelle Knight


Serving through Dec 2020

Lou Palumbo
Patrica Reybold
Eric Rydstrom

Many thanks to these council members who step up take on the leadership role throughout the year to help us better carryout our slogan …

Citizens Supporting the Sea Services


Council Presidents 1980 – 2018

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